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‘Think Bike!’ Signs Reduce Motorcycle Accidents in Devon

Though they make up a very small percentage of total road users, motorcyclists are the most likely to have an accident on the UK roads.

Though many people attribute this to motorcyclists themselves riding irresponsibly, the vast majority of motorcycle accident claims involve a car driver who wasn’t paying enough attention.

If you are driving a car and you have a small collision with another car, it’s likely that there will only be relatively minor bodywork damage.

Motorcyclists don’t have any of that protection. They don’t have metal panels protecting them from injury or airbags to cushion the impact. Just a small collision between a car and a motorcyclist can result in very serious injuries or, quite often, death.

Councils across the country have been experimenting with various techniques to try and reduce the number of motorcycle accident on their roads. As you might expect, some have seen more success than others. One success story is the campaign that’s been run by the Devon Council over the last year.

Devon is a very popular holiday destination. This means that there is always a surge in the numbers of caravans, cars and motorcycles during the summer months. As these numbers surge, so have the number of motorcycle accidents.

Since 2010, Devon council has been experimenting with road signs which urge motorists to ‘Think Bike’. In 2009/2010 there were 14 motorcycle accidents. As a result of these signs, this figure has been reduced to just one motorcycle accident in 2010/2011. These signs have obviously been highly effective.

The effectiveness of these road signs has understandably prompted many to question why other councils across the UK don’t adopt them. As a result of the success of this campaign it’s likely that these signs will soon become a common sight across the UK.