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Do Traffic Lights Cause More Road Traffic Accidents?

We all presume that traffic lights make the roads safer. They are designed to remove human error and guarantee our safety. Well, according to a recent article for the BBC magazine this could be a long way from the truth. … Continue reading 

Scotland Trying to Preserve Criminal Injury Compensation Fund

The Scottish charity, Victim Support Scotland, has recently spoken out in an attempt to protect the funds available to compensate victims of criminal injuries. The charity is pushing for the law to be changed so that employers pay criminal injury … Continue reading 

Workplace Hearing Loss Compensation Claims on the Rise

Recently there has been a steady increase in the number of claims surrounding deafness in the workplace. One of Europe’s biggest insurers, Zurich, recently reported that the number of hearing losss compensation claims increased by approximately 25% in the last … Continue reading 

Disreputable Solicitors Damage Compensation Claims

Unsurprisingly, with the steady proliferation of our so called ‘compensation culture’ the number of personal injury solicitors and claims companies has rapidly increased. The problem is, not all compensation solicitors are the same. During the last few years there has … Continue reading 

Beware! – Facebook Could Harm Your Compensation Claim

Over the last five years social media has grown to define how most of use the internet. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become synonymous with ‘being on the internet’. A large part of social media’s success lies in its … Continue reading