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Sailor’s Compensation Claim for Crushed Hand Continues

A Royal Navy sailor who had his hand crushed by a metal cover on top of a weapon’s lift is facing lengthy delays over his fight for compensation. The 26 year old sailor from Arbroath in Scotland had planned on … Continue reading 

Rapist Lottery Winner Faces Compensation Claim from Victim

A convicted rapist who won £4.6 million through the National Lottery is facing paying damages for a criminal act he committed 16 years ago. In 1992 Edward Putman raped a 17 year old girl in Milton Keynes. As a result … Continue reading 

Liverpool Footballer Ordered to Pay Compensation

A footballer from Liverpool has been ordered to pay £600 in compensation to a rival player as a result of his conduct during a Sunday League cup match. Carl Bowden-Davies of Allerton FC has been found guilty of punching Swanfield … Continue reading 

Improve Workplace Safety by Letting Your Children Play Outside

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘it’s health and safety gone mad’? Though there are some health and safety laws that we all agree with and understand the importance of, many people do feel that the HSE (Health and Safety … Continue reading 

Insurance for Dentists Will be Mandatory by 2013

If someone believes that they have suffered as a result of their dentist’s negligence, they are entitled to make a dental negligence compensation claim. Though it is often viewed as a completely separate profession, dentists are highly skilled medical professionals. … Continue reading