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Clinical Trial Legislation to Help With Compensation Claims

Clinical trials are a necessary part of improving the healthcare available to all UK citizens. Unfortunately they only ever get reported on when something goes wrong. There have been many high profile cases in recent years but the most well … Continue reading 

‘Think Bike!’ Signs Reduce Motorcycle Accidents in Devon

Though they make up a very small percentage of total road users, motorcyclists are the most likely to have an accident on the UK roads. Though many people attribute this to motorcyclists themselves riding irresponsibly, the vast majority of motorcycle … Continue reading 

General damages to increase by 10% from April 2013

The Court of Appeal has confirmed that general damages will increase by 10% for all judgments made after 1 April 2013. Senior figures at the judiciary said the judgment was being made several months in advance to provide ‘simplicity and … Continue reading 

Insurance Companies to Payout £300 Million in Asbestos Compensation

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that’s most commonly associated with prolonged asbestos exposure. Many people who have contracted this illness as a result of working with asbestos are able to claim compensation from their previous employers. However, for many … Continue reading 

Clinical Negligence Compensation Payouts for Pregnancies Exceed £70m

The amount of compensation paid out to parents of stillborn babies or infants born with disabilities in the last three years has exceeded £70 million. The exact figures include £70.5 million in damages and £3 million in legal costs. Though … Continue reading