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Health and Safety – How does it Affect the Self Employed?

The last few years have seen a significant increase in the number of people who are classified as self employed. The number of self employed workers in the UK is now the highest it’s been in 75 years! There are … Continue reading 

Vibrating Hand Syndrome – Do You Know the Risks?

One danger which is widely misunderstood is ‘hand vibration syndrome’. Hand vibration syndrome is an injury which is caused by the repetitive use of a vibrating tool. The injury can occur in most industrial environments and can have severe and … Continue reading 

Man jailed after harassment over food poisoning claims

Last November Nick Diver-Legge and his family went for an Indian meal at the B26 restaurant in Birmingham. After their meal, Mr Diver-Legge claims that his whole family suffered severe food poisoning. He claims that after the meal, him and … Continue reading 

The First ‘Personal Injury Court’ in the UK

The increasing number of personal injury claims which are now being made in the UK is putting an incredible strain on the UK courts. With valuable court time being taken up with personal injury hearings, other cases are facing much … Continue reading 

Motorcycle Accident Highlights the Dangers of Not Looking

Motorcyclists are the most ‘at risk’ group on the UK roads. Though they only make up a very small percentage of total road users, there are hundreds of serious accidents involving motorcyclist each year. Though many people attribute these accidents … Continue reading