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False Whiplash Claims Under Scrutiny As Premiums Soar

The government has planned a crackdown on suspicious whiplash compensation claims following a 60% rise in just four years. £2 billion in whiplash compensation have caused premiums to increase by around £90. This has sparked the move to create independent … Continue reading 

Ministry of Justice Closes 209 Miscreant Claims Companies

Between April and November of last year, the Ministry of Justice shut down over 200 compensation claims firms. They also suspended a further three and gave 140 more an official warning. This decisive action has highlighted the need for stricter … Continue reading 

Scottish Council Pay £33 Million in Compensation

Over £33 million in compensation claims has been paid out by Scottish councils over the last five years, a new report shows. Following a Freedom of Information request by the Scottish Conservatives, figures showed that from 2007-2012, £33.2 Million was … Continue reading 

Scottish Workplace Injury Claims on the Rise

A recent report has underlined what appears to be a worrying increase in workplace injury claims in Scotland. In 2011-12 the number of claims rose by over 20% against the previous year. When compared to the 3.7% increase seen in … Continue reading