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Tree Surgeon Accident – Man Loses Foot

On the 23rd September 2011 Connor Harfield was working for a Tree Surgeon in Minehead, UK. He was using a wood chipper and, in an effort to push more brush through the chipper, he used his foot. Unfortunately, his shoe … Continue reading 

A High Profile Medical Negligence Claim

We often hear of medical negligence claims in the UK media. However, when the media discuss negligence, it’s usually centered on national figures, policies or one specific health board. Recently however, medical negligence has been brought into the spotlight for … Continue reading 

Salford Woman Makes Asbestos Claim

Penny Garner, a woman living in Salford, UK, found out in 2011 that she was suffering from mesothelioma. While this condition can have other causes, the most common, and likely, cause is that her condition was caused by exposure to … Continue reading 

Whiplash Compensation Claims Adding £118 to the Average Car Insurance Premium

We all know that whiplash claims are gradually forcing motor insurance premiums to rise. However, a recent report by the UK’s largest insurer suggests that the average premium has risen by 80% since 2008 which equates to an average rise … Continue reading 

Cowley Plant Tinitus Injury Claims Still Being Made

During the 60s, 70s and 80s the British Leyland, Rover and Pressed Steel plants at Cowley in Oxford employed nearly 25,000 workers at any one time. Since then, BMW have bought the plant. The work that many of those working … Continue reading