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A High Profile Medical Negligence Claim

We often hear of medical negligence claims in the UK media. However, when the media discuss negligence, it’s usually centered on national figures, policies or one specific health board. Recently however, medical negligence has been brought into the spotlight for another reason.

The saxophonist who played with the E-Street band and Bruce Springsteen throughout his career died in June 2011. Clarence Clemons’ death was directly caused by a stroke, but since his death, his family have been pursuing a legal claim against the medical professionals who performed surgery on him just a few months before his death.

Mr Clemons had been suffering with severe pain for a long time. He eventually underwent surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. The surgery itself is reported to have gone extremely well. However, before the surgery Clemons was prescribed blood thinning medication. This is quite normal under these circumstances. However, the argument that the family are pursuing is that there was no mitigating treatment given to Mr Clemons when he was suddenly taken off this medication. They believe that it is this medication and its sudden withdrawal that let to Mr Clemons’ fatal stroke. The medical compensation claim is currently ongoing.

This type of case brings medical negligence right into the public eye. When the media focus on one specific case in such detail it highlights the intricacies and serious nature of medical negligence cases. It also highlights the fine line that medical professionals have to tread. This is the most ‘high profile’ case since the accusations aimed at Michael Jackson’s doctor shortly after his death. No doubt, it won’t be the last.