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Accident at Work Compensation

We have an experienced team of Accident at Work Compensation Solicitors waiting to help you if you have suffered an accident at work.

We can help you make a claim if you have, for example:

  • had a fall at work or something has fallen on you
  • injured yourself lifting a heavy item
  • been injured by work machinery
  • suffered an injury due to a lack of safety equipment or clothing
  • contracted dermatitis or asthma from exposure to chemicals at work
  • suffered hearing loss due to a noisy workplace
  • developed problems with your hands or arms from using vibrating machinery
  • been exposed to asbestos

Your employer has a duty to maintain your workplace in an efficient and suitable state and provide proper training to you to show you how to carry out your job safely. Unfortunately, many employers do not comply with the regulations and injuries happen as a result.

Manchester Accident at Work solicitors

We are Manchester Accident at Work Solicitors who can assist you to claim for the injury that you have suffered and any loss of earnings and other financial losses. We are experienced in dealing with claims of the utmost seriousness but appreciate that even a minor injury can cause you a great deal of discomfort and loss.

Help us help you by calling 0800 131 3636 today, we guarantee you will get only the best legal advice for your specific accident at work compensation claim. So make that vital first step towards claiming the compensation you deserve.