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Baby Product Recalls on the Increase

Every year there are lots of cases where consumers suffer injuries as a result of a dangerous or defective product. In these situations the victim will usually pursue a defective product compensation claim and the product will be recalled by the manufacturer for further testing and improvements.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of product recalls by manufacturers of baby equipment. Due to the high number of accidents which have been caused by defective baby toys, car seats and push chairs, baby product manufacturers have to exercise extreme caution.

Recent rise in number of defective product compensation claims

Though the statistics would suggest that the rapid rise in the number of product recalls is simply down to a run of bad products, it’s likely that there are other hidden reasons. One of the most likely explanations for this rise in recalls is a rise in compensation claims which relate to defective baby products. If a product causes a customer to make a claim for defective product compensation then the manufacturer is obliged to recall that product for further safety testing.

Though you might reason that an increase in compensation claims must mean that there are more dangerous products out there, this isn’t necessarily true. Due to the increased awareness of consumers about their rights and the avenues available to them to make a compensation claim, people are far more likely to seek legal advice. In many cases, it’s simply a numbers game. The more people who make compensation claims, the more products will have to be recalled.

Having more product recalls, especially for baby products, will be seen by many as a good thing. After all, this will only make the products safer. The worry is that the financial strain of these compensation claims, the cost of extra safety testing and development and the loss of income whilst the product is recalled could put a severe strain on companies who are already struggling financially.