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Saatchi & Saatchi: Advertisers & Legislators

Brother to the nefarious art collector Charles Saatchi, Lord Maurice Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill has received harsh criticism from the House of Lords, which will need to be taken into account before it hits the statute books. The ‘Saatchi’ Bill … Continue reading 

A High Profile Medical Negligence Claim

We often hear of medical negligence claims in the UK media. However, when the media discuss negligence, it’s usually centered on national figures, policies or one specific health board. Recently however, medical negligence has been brought into the spotlight for … Continue reading 

MMR vaccine deafness compensation case denied full claim

20 years ago Katie Stephen, along with thousands of other children, was inoculated against measles, mumps and rubella with the controversial MMR vaccine. A few days later she lost the hearing in her left ear. Since this event, Miss Stephen … Continue reading 

Maternity injury compensation cases rise dramatically

Over the last few years the number of claims made against the NHS for clinical negligence has risen dramatically. Unfortunately, maternity care is one of the areas that has caused a large proportion of these claims. In just one year, … Continue reading 

Medical Negligence Claims in Wales Continue to Rise

Over the last few years medical negligence claims have frequently been in the news. Across the UK, the amount awarded in compensation to victims of clinical negligence is increasing each year. The figures for the NHS in Wales have recently … Continue reading