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Crash for Cash Fraud Exposed… Again!

The insurance sector has been using false data to blame recent hikes in motor insurance premiums on road traffic accident claims. The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has been accused of manipulating reports from police constabularies in an effort to highlight … Continue reading 

Highway Men: Councils blame potholes on the lawyers suing them…

The councils of England and Wales released a statement this week through the Local Government Association (LGA) in a bid to warn citizens against claiming for accidents on the roads. Passing the blame from themselves to the legal profession, they … Continue reading 

Gifts (not) in Disguise: Inducing Prospective PI Claims

New legislation that seeks to end the compensation culture has been unveiled in response to unabated levels of frivolous and fraudulent claims. Since the term was coined in the early Nineties in response to the litigious nature of the American … Continue reading 

UK the Whiplash Capital of Europe

If you read the articles in our news section on a regular basis it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Britain has a problem with whiplash compensation claims. It has now reached a point where 8 out of 10 road … Continue reading 

Whiplash Compensation Claims Adding £118 to the Average Car Insurance Premium

We all know that whiplash claims are gradually forcing motor insurance premiums to rise. However, a recent report by the UK’s largest insurer suggests that the average premium has risen by 80% since 2008 which equates to an average rise … Continue reading