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‘Compensation Culture’ Blamed for Increase in Military Accident Claims

Joining the army obviously comes with some unique and widely understood dangers. That said, it is a profession and it is reasonable to expect that if there is a chance to safeguard the health and safety of British troops while they on fighting on the front line, it should be taken.

Over the last few years there has been a significant increase in the number of compensation claims made by members of the armed forces. In most cases these can be easily explained. During the last few years the British army has been involved in a very challenging war in Afghanistan and Iraq. This alone could explain why there has been such a sharp increase in the number of personal injury claims made by members of the Army and other armed forces.

Unfortunately, when the figures are studied more closely there does seem to be another, more sinister explanation. ‘The Mail on Sunday’ has recently conducted some research into the claims made over the last 7 years. They found that, although there were many tragic cases that clearly warranted significant financial compensation, there were also a significant number that were rejected.

The conclusion that the newspaper came to was that, if such a large number of these cases were thrown out, it’s reasonable to assume that a large proportion of these were likely to be dishonest or spurious claims.

Though this may seem like a very sceptical viewpoint, the numbers do seem to support it. When presented with the figures the MoD said, ‘We have actively sought to raise awareness among service personnel of their right to apply for financial recompense. However, we also have an obligation to safeguard taxpayers’ money and we will reject applications if there is insufficient evidence to prove a claim.’