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‘Crash for Cash’ Gang Jailed After Tragic Death

The state of the motor insurance industry is often under the spotlight. Referral fees, aggressive claims companies and excessive legal costs all mean that people generally have a very negative perception of the industry as a whole.

Though these are all issues which need addressing, none of them come close to the destructive way that some people use the industry to make money from innocent motorists.

car crash claimsA recent case has alerted the public to the appalling nature of these activities. On the 11th June 2011, Baljinder Kaur Gill, aged 34, was killed when her car was involved in a high speed crash due to a ‘crash for cash‘ scam being run by four men. The crash happened in the fast lane of the A40 in Buckinghamshire. The intention of the four men was to stage a crash involving three cars, which included the one being driven by Gill. The four men did not intend for anyone to be killed in the accident but the dangerous nature of what they were intending to do meant that this was always a possibility. Baljinder Kaur Gill was killed at the scene when her car was hit at high speed by a van.

The idea that people would be willing to risk killing innocent people in an attempt to claim a relatively small amount of compensation is extremely worrying. Unfortunately, this type of thing goes on far more frequently than many people realise. During the court hearing in Reading the court were told that staged accidents similar to this happen across the country on a regular basis and that they cost insurers over £392 million each year.