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Disreputable Solicitors Damage Compensation Claims

Unsurprisingly, with the steady proliferation of our so called ‘compensation culture’ the number of personal injury solicitors and claims companies has rapidly increased. The problem is, not all compensation solicitors are the same.

During the last few years there has been a steady increase in the number of disreputable solicitors practicing in the UK. Unsurprisingly, many of these have chosen to focus on road accident claims.

It has recently been reported that some solicitors have been asking doctors to exaggerate the level of injuries sustained by claimants. It has also been alleged that they have been coercing doctors into lengthening their prognoses of claimants recoveries in order to maximise compensation claims.

One Birmingham based firm has recently been involved in an employment tribunal after one of their employees was dismissed after expressing concern with their practises. On further investigation the tribunal has heard from several doctors who were employed to carry out medical assessments of the firms claimants. They stated how they were pressurised into construing lengthy medical reports and asked to change details in order to exaggerate the severity of claimant’s injuries. One NHS doctor, who was employed for a period of 2 years by the firm, was paid as much as £300,000 to assess clients and prepare medical reports.

One doctor reported that the pressure to conform to producing reports fit for the firm’s intentions became so severe that he was forced to end his involvement with them. He stated he was suffering from “mental torture” and had become increasingly concerned with the continual battle he faced in remaining true to his expert medical opinion.

One of the main areas of concern surrounds the lack of policing within the system of gaining medical reports. If a solicitor is dissatisfied with one result, they can seek a second report from another doctor. This process can simply be repeated until they are satisfied with its content.

Report Shows Some Solicitors Prepared to Falsely Represent Claimants

This report testifies to the ever present reality of disreputable solicitors prepared to falsely represent claimants. Practices of this kind have an extremely damaging effect on reputable solicitors who seek to represent their clients fairly and truthfully.

The most concerning element of these revelations is the way disreputable compensation claim solicitors can dishonour and weaken the genuine claims made by seriously injured victims. There are also far wider implications for motorists. The costs incurred through false allegations get passed on to drivers everywhere through increased car insurance premiums.

Thankfully the effects of these disreputable practices have become so widespread, that parliament has recently raised it on the political agenda in an attempt to see an end to the problem