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Dying Man’s Fight for Asbestos Compensation Continues

A retired shipyard electrician from Paisley, Glasgow is still fighting to get the asbestos compensation he is entitled to.

Mr Hamilton suffers from mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer which develops as a result of prolonged asbestos exposure. His previous employer’s insurers, Aviva, are refusing to pay out based on an old loop hole in the system.

Mr Hamilton was diagnosed with a less serious lung condition known as ‘pleural plaques’ in 1996. After failing to take action within a three year period, Mr Hamilton, and many others like him, have been barred from making a claim altogether. Clearly, this ruling has caused significant distress to Mr Hamilton and his family.

Legal loophole

The injustice of this ruling has prompted Mr Hamilton to call upon Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill to change the law and close this outdated loophole. Mr MacAskill has previously pledged his support for asbestos victims by expressing disbelief at the Scottish Government’s lack of action to intervene.

Doctors have advised Mr. Hamilton that he has approximately one year left to live. Understandably, he wants to enjoy the time he has left by spending time with his family. He also recently attended a conference for victims of asbestos in Glasgow and spoke out about Aviva’s gross misuse of this loop hole in preventing victims and their families from receiving the asbestos compensation they deserve. It seems Mr Hamilton is determined to ensure that others won’t suffer as he has.

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The support group, ‘Clydeside Action for Asbestos’ have strongly criticised the move by Aviva, calling it, ‘an underhand tactic and [, a] callous attack on weak and dying asbestos victims’. Glasgow’s Golden Jubilee Hospital has also expressed distaste at the legal obstacles preventing victims from accessing compensation. The support group are hoping to meet with the justice secretary imminently to restart talks on closing the loophole, but as yet, nothing has been confirmed.