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Girl Awarded £12,000 in Dog Bite Compensation Claim

An 11 year old school girl from Kilmarnock has finally been awarded £12,000 after being mauled by a dog. The victim suffered the attack 2 years ago when she was playing with her neighbour’s dog in their garden.

The Japanese Akita Fighting Dog, which had previously attacked another dog, was destroyed shortly after the attack. The dog’s owner was convicted of failing to control it.

The school girl sustained a 5 inch hole in her cheek, which required 100 stitches, and a severed lip. She has undergone numerous operations to aid her injuries which have left her with severe facial scarring. She is hoping to have specialist camouflage treatment in the future to reduce the extent of this disfigurement.

The school girl previously lost her case for compensation after the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) ruled that no crime had been committed. At the time, the incident was deemed to have been an accident.

Victim awarded dog bite compensation

In an attempt to get justice, the victim’s family hired a specialist human rights solicitor who represented them at a recent court of appeal hearing. In this hearing the CICA overturned their previous ruling and awarded the victim £11,990 in face injury compensation. As is usually the case when the claimant is a child, the dog bite compensation package will be held in trust for the victim until she is 18 years old.

This is the highest possible amount awarded to victims with facial scarring. The family are delighted that their daughter’s ordeal has finally been acknowledged as a violent crime. They also commented that their daughter will never forget her ordeal, and expressed pleasure that she now has some funds to help her in the future.