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Liverpool Footballer Ordered to Pay Compensation

A footballer from Liverpool has been ordered to pay £600 in compensation to a rival player as a result of his conduct during a Sunday League cup match.

Carl Bowden-Davies of Allerton FC has been found guilty of punching Swanfield FC footballer, Mr. Morrison in the face, causing cuts to the cheek in two places and a fractured eye socket.

The fight broke out after a rival player tackled the striker’s brother using what he deemed to be foul play. The tackle prompted Mr. Bowden Davies to run across the pitch and throw his punch. The game was described by those watching as a ‘highly charged’ game which was very closely contested. Emotions ran high throughout the match and there were many dangerous tackles.

The fight between the two players sparked a pitch invasion and the referee was left with no option but to stop the game temporarily until order was restored. Bowden-Davies was sent off and the assaulted footballer was taken to the local hospital. Allerton FC went on to win the match through penalties.

The Swanfield FC footballer has had to take time off work to recover from the assault and is said to be unsure about whether to carry on playing football. Bowden-Davies’ case was heard by Hull Crown Court. The assault was mitigated by the fact Bowden has eight FA references commending his previous pitch behaviour and passion for football. The judge expressed concern at how the assault could have resulted in a pitch invasion and the potential further violence that could have ensued.

As a result, Bowden-Davies is serving a 5 month ban from the FA, and a 12 month community order on top of the criminal injury compensation payout he has been ordered to pay Mr. Morrison.