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Rapist Lottery Winner Faces Compensation Claim from Victim

A convicted rapist who won £4.6 million through the National Lottery is facing paying damages for a criminal act he committed 16 years ago.

In 1992 Edward Putman raped a 17 year old girl in Milton Keynes. As a result he was ordered to serve a seven year prison sentence. He has also recently appeared in court for benefit fraud of more than £15,000. These recent claims have exposed both his identity and winnings, two things he had hoped to keep private.

The exposure comes not long after a similar incident in which the victim of another rapist sued her attacker for compensation after he won £7.2 million with a lotto extra ticket whilst on day release from prison. Mr Hoare attacked Shirley Woodman in 1988 and was convicted the following year. After hearing of her attacker’s win in 2004, Shirley began a 4 year court battle to reclaim damages against him. Hoare argued that compensation claims against sex attacks should be made within a 6 year period.

However, a ruling from the law lords sought to extend that time limit for cases of serious assault. Shirley won an out of court settlement with Hoare in 2009 for a sum of £100,000. Mrs. Woodman reports that her attacker’s win was unjust, but that the compensation she received gave her sense of closure. She gave all her compensation claim to charity.

It is thought that Putman has avoided publicising his win to avoid a similar scenario. Putman’s victim is entitled to seek compensation for the criminal act she suffered. Before his chequered history was revealed, it was thought that Putman had avoided exposure in an attempt to avoid paying out to his ex-partner and 26 year old son.

Conservative MP Mark Lancaster for Milton Keynes commented that financial payouts never compensate for the trauma and anguish victims suffer at the hands of rapists, but when such high sums of money are involved, it is only right that they are able to gain a share as some form of compensation.

Putman’s next hearing will be held next month. It’s expected that he will admit the benefit fraud charges and pay back what he owes to the state.