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Man jailed after harassment over food poisoning claims

Last November Nick Diver-Legge and his family went for an Indian meal at the B26 restaurant in Birmingham. After their meal, Mr Diver-Legge claims that his whole family suffered severe food poisoning.

He claims that after the meal, him and his 18 month old son were ill for a week and that his wife was ill for two whole weeks.

He also claims that the illness cost him thousands of pounds in lost work.

Understandably, Mr Diver-Legge was angry at getting this illness and the inconvenience that it caused him and his family. Unfortunately, he was so frustrated that he decided to take matters into his own hands.

During the weeks following his illness, Mr Diver-Legge was determined to tell people about his bad experience. He posted a very negative online review and distributed hundreds of leaflets which told people about his experience.

The restaurant owner, Mr Mitt Balli, described the campaign by Mr Diver-Legge as ‘very upsetting’ and claimed that it had caused the restaurants profits to decrease by 30%.

In a recent court hearing, Mr Diver-Legge was facing charges of harassment. The judge at the hearing ruled that he had gone beyond what was justified and that he should face some form of punishment. Mr Diver-Legge will be sentenced later this month when he is expected to receive a six month prison sentence.

Food poisoning claims are detrimental to both the victims and the restaurants they affect. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to determine the exact source of food poisoning. This often means that any accusations are the result of mere speculation. If you have suffered food poising as a result of eating in a restaurant it is important that you don’t take matters into your own hands. If you seek legal advice, your legal representative will be able to outline your options for you and tell you how to proceed in the best possible way.