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1 Million Pound Motorcycle Accident Claim

In January 2007 Mr Paul Pavani was killed in a terrible motorcycle accident in Wandsworth. Mr Pavani left behind a wife and two sons. Since the accident Mr Pavani’s family have been fighting for the right to claim compensation.

The accident was caused by a BT van driver attempting a three point turn in the road in slow moving traffic. Clearly, the van driver did not see Mr Pavani approaching on his motorbike.

Very recently, the high court has given Mr Pavani’s family the green light to proceed with making a claim for motorbike accident compensation. It is expected that the compensation package will amount to an estimated £1 million.

Mr Pavani’s accident is particularly tragic, but it is by no means an isolated incident. Motorcyclists are one of the most ‘at risk’ groups using the UK roads. They make up just 1% of UK road users yet account for over 20% of the annual deaths and injuries. A recent European study also suggests that over 70% of motorcycle accidents also involve a car, bus or lorry.

Perception of motorcyclists as ‘risk takers’

Many people perceive motorcyclists to be risk takers. However, what these statistics show is that motorcycle accidents are rarely caused by a motorcyclist losing control and crashing. Most motorcycle accident claims are made by motorcyclists, or their families, as a result of a car, lorry or bus driver not paying adequate attention. As Mr Pavani’s death illustrates, when other road users fail to see a motorcyclist, the results can be tragic.

Next time you are out on the road take the time to look for motorcyclists. The majority of motorcyclists aren’t the ‘risk takers’ that many people perceive them to be.