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Motorcycle Accident Highlights the Dangers of Not Looking

Motorcyclists are the most ‘at risk’ group on the UK roads. Though they only make up a very small percentage of total road users, there are hundreds of serious accidents involving motorcyclist each year.

Though many people attribute these accidents to the irresponsibility of motorcyclists and the inherent danger of riding a motorcycle, most accidents are actually caused by the negligence and irresponsibility of car drivers and other road users.

A recent motorcycle accident claim is evidence of this. Darren Braund from Barry in Wales suffered an extremely serious accident in July 2009. As a result of the accident he was left in a coma for two weeks.

Since the accident there has been an ongoing accident claim which is now being conducted through the high court. The claim alleges that the accident was caused by the negligence of a car driver. The claim form alleges that the driver of the Vauxhall Corsa failed to make any visual checks before turning across the road. As a result, Mr Braund was thrown from his motorcycle. The collision also caused Mr Braund to lose his helmet on the windscreen wiper of the car. He suffered extreme head injuries and has been struggling with epilepsy ever since.

Though at many points immediately following the accident Mr Braund wasn’t expected to make it, he has managed to gradually recover from the accident over the last few years. He now has movement in most of his body but is still severely limited in his mobility. The motorcycle accident claim against the car driver is for £2.5 million.

This accident is a prime example of the responsibility we all have to keep an eye out for motorcycles and other road users when driving a vehicle. Whenever you drive a car, you should always be mindful of cyclists and take the extra time to look for them before making a manoeuvre.