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Crash for Cash Fraud Exposed… Again!

The insurance sector has been using false data to blame recent hikes in motor insurance premiums on road traffic accident claims. The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has been accused of manipulating reports from police constabularies in an effort to highlight … Continue reading 

Saatchi & Saatchi: Advertisers & Legislators

Brother to the nefarious art collector Charles Saatchi, Lord Maurice Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill has received harsh criticism from the House of Lords, which will need to be taken into account before it hits the statute books. The ‘Saatchi’ Bill … Continue reading 

Highway Men: Councils blame potholes on the lawyers suing them…

The councils of England and Wales released a statement this week through the Local Government Association (LGA) in a bid to warn citizens against claiming for accidents on the roads. Passing the blame from themselves to the legal profession, they … Continue reading 

Gifts (not) in Disguise: Inducing Prospective PI Claims

New legislation that seeks to end the compensation culture has been unveiled in response to unabated levels of frivolous and fraudulent claims. Since the term was coined in the early Nineties in response to the litigious nature of the American … Continue reading 

Close but no Cigar: Tobacco Company hit with $23.6bn in Punitive Damages

A Florida jury has awarded the widow of a chain smoker $23.6bn (£13.86bn) in damages against RJ Reynolds – America’s second-largest tobacco company and manufacturer of Camel and Pall Mall cigarettes – after he died from lung cancer in 1996. … Continue reading