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Unusual bicycle accident claim – Spinning class accident

When we talk about bicycle accident claims you would be forgiven for presuming that we are talking about accidents on the UK roads. A recent gym accident however, shows that this is not always the case.

Ms. Charlotte Brown, a resident of Barnstaple, Devon, was recently compensated after suffering an injury whilst using an exercise bike at a local gym. For several months following her injury, her work, and personal life, was greatly affected.

Spinning class accident

Ms. Brown had enrolled for a spinning class at a local gym where she was a regular customer. A spin class is a fitness class that involves using a static indoor exercise bike. The class, which is led by an instructor, allows individuals to socialise and push their bodies through various cycling routines. On the day of the accident, the exercise bike had caused Ms. Brown problems on several occasions. Midway through the class, the pedal of the exercise bike broke. As a result, she was hurled to the ground and severely fractured her finger.

Ms. Brown decided to make a claim against the gym management seeking compensation for the injuries she sustained during the spinning class incident. What made things worse was that a few months prior to this incident, Ms. Brown had suffered minor injuries while using the very same exercise bike.

Gym owners have an obligation to ensure the safety of their customers and Ms. Brown would have been in a very strong position should the compensation claim have gone to court. As a result, the gym owners decided to give her an undisclosed amount as compensation in an out of court settlement.

This case highlights the responsibility that gym owners have to those that use their gym. Spinning is a class that involves pedaling at high velocity using equipment that can build up incredible momentum. Ms. Brown’s accident shows just how dangerous this can be if the equipment is not properly tested and maintained.

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