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Real testimonials from some of our successful claimants. We helped them get maximum compensation for there injury… we can help you too.

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Compensation Claim Success

“Mr George R Conway wishes to convey to you, his profound thanks and appreciation for pursuing his claim for clinical negligence to a satisfactory conclusion. It has been a marathon of a struggle, in fact, over two years. However, Your Professionalism, dedication and patience have been exemplary and a great support throughout. Sincere thanks, Mr & Mrs G R Conway”

£23,224 for Accident at Work claim

Mr K of Coventry suffered an accident at work when he slipped whilst carrying a heavy box of frozen chips. Mr K fell onto the floor, sustaining injury to his lower back. We arranged for a medical report to be obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon discussing the back injury.

The insurance company of Mr K’s employer admitted that it was in breach of the safety regulations for failing to provide a safe workplace, and therefore liable to pay compensation to Mr K. Initially, the insurance company offered Mr K £2,500 compensation to settle his claim.

This was rejected by Mr K, and following the commencement of court proceedings the insurance company increased its offer of compensation to £23,224. Mr K was pleased with the settlement of his claim, and commented:

“I was glad that I instructed Compensation Claim Today to be my solicitors for my compensation claim because they always gave me straightforward and sound advice. They “fought my corner” during the claim, and were not fobbed off by the insurance company.”

£1,800 for Slip and Trip accident claim

Miss J of Cardiff had been enjoying a meal in a curry house, and unfortunately slipped and fell whilst leaving the restaurant. Miss J had slipped due to spilt food on the restaurant’s floor that had not been properly cleaned by the waiter.

The owners of the curry house accepted liability for the accident, and agreed to pay Miss J £1,800 compensation for the strain injury caused by the accident.

Miss J said “Compensation Claim Today were helpful though out my claim, and I was surprised at how quickly the claim got sorted.”

£5,000 for back injury strain claim success

Mr L of Hampshire suffered a strain injury to his back whilst working as an operative in a refuse recycling centre. There were unsafe lifting practices at the recycling centre, and this resulted in Mr L sustaining an injury to his back.

Initially, the insurance company of the recycling centre alleged that the injury to Mr L’s back was not suffered at work, and declined to offer any compensation to Mr L. However, once a court claim was started against the company that owned the recycling centre the insurance company immediately offered £5,000 in settlement of Mr L’s compensation claim.

Mr L said “I cannot fault the service provided by Compensation Claim Today. The amount of compensation that I was paid in settlement of my claim was more than I expected, and I was very satisfied with the outcome.”

£1,650 for Accident at Work claim

Mr D of Wolverhampton worked in a factory that manufactured metal products, and suffered injury to his leg when metal tubes fell from a crane. Mr D believed that the accident was caused by unsafe work practices, and the area of the factory being over-crowded.

The insurance company of the factory paid Mr D £1,650 compensation for the soft tissue injury suffered to his leg.

Mr D commented “I did not know whether I would be able to claim compensation because the first solicitor that I asked to take on my claim said that the accident was a genuine accident and not caused by the negligence of the factory. I was happy when I telephoned Compensation Claim Today and was advised that I did have a valid compensation claim. Compensation Claim Today worked hard for me, and I would recommend them as first rate.”