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The First ‘Personal Injury Court’ in the UK

The increasing number of personal injury claims which are now being made in the UK is putting an incredible strain on the UK courts. With valuable court time being taken up with personal injury hearings, other cases are facing much longer waiting times.

Though the government is taking decisive steps to try and streamline some compensation claims processes, it doesn’t seem like the burden on the courts is going to lift anytime soon.

It has recently transpired that there are plans for a new court in Edinburgh which will hopefully help to ease this burden. The ‘personal injury court’ will deal exclusively with personal injury claims from all over Scotland. It is hoped that as well as easing the demand on the local session courts, this new court will also be able to streamline the personal injury claims process and also save the government some money.

One of the reasons for this court being set up is to ensure that personal injury claims are dealt with by the best lawyers, solicitors and judges.

Aim of making Scotland’s workplaces safer

The argument is that if people know that they can rely on the court to deliver justice to employees and members of the public, employers will be far more vigilant in their adherence to health and safety regulations. In the long term it is hoped that this new court and the constant development of health and safety legislation will ensure that Scotland’s workforce become progressively safer in the workplace.

It is not known how many sheriffs will be needed in the court or how frequently they will have sessions. The location of the court has also not yet been decided. Before the court can be established the legislation to create it needs to be submitted in the Scottish list of Bills. It is thought that the approval could take up to two years to go through.