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UK the Whiplash Capital of Europe

If you read the articles in our news section on a regular basis it shouldn’t surprise you to hear that Britain has a problem with whiplash compensation claims. It has now reached a point where 8 out of 10 road accident claims involve neck injuries.

As well as there being many legitimate whiplash claims, there are also many fraudulent claims made by people across the UK. The problem with whiplash is that it can’t be properly diagnosed. If someone says that they have severe neck pain, there is very little doctors can do to determine whether they are lying or not.

Unfortunately, the problem has become so pronounced that it now costs the insurance industry over £2.2 billion each year and adds an average of £90 to the insurance premium of every motorist in the UK.

Worst in Europe

We’ve been discussing this problem for a few months now. However, a recent report puts things in a little more perspective. The Association of British Insurers has recently released a report which shows the state of our whiplash problem in relation to the rest of Europe. Unsurprisingly, the problem is worse in the UK than anywhere else on the continent. The most interesting figure that came out of the report was the relative proportions of motor accident claims made in each country that included a whiplash claim. The Netherlands recorded a figure of 35%, Sweden 61% and Italy 68%. In stark contrast, the UK recorded a figure of 78%! The figures recorded by the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy were the highest after that of the UK, yet the UK figure is still a full 10% higher than any other country in Europe. Some countries recorded figures as low as 30%!

So, do British people have weaker necks than the rest of Europe? Unlikely. It’s far more likely that there are more fraudulent claims made in the UK and it’s something that clearly needs addressing at every level.