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What Constitutes A Personal Injury?

With all the negative media attention clouding the public perception of the ‘personal injury’ industry it’s easy to forget the original aim of personal injury legislation.

The ‘no win, no fee’ system has become synonymous with people making fraudulent claims and insurance companies charging disproportionate premiums. Many people have such negative associations with the ‘no win, no fee’ system that they see it as a device which claims companies use to make more money.

Introduced to help people who have genuine claims

In reality, the no win, no fee system was an innovation introduced by the conservative government many years ago. It was introduced to ensure that people who had been a victim of an accident which wasn’t their fault could have access to the legal services they needed to seek justice. It wasn’t invented to make more money for insurance companies; it was introduced to help people who had genuine claims.

‘Personal injury’ is another phrase which prompts many negative associations in the minds of the majority. Most people associate ‘personal injury claims’ with fraudulent compensation claims and people who want to take advantage of the system. Again, though this is part of the story, personal injury claims are a very important part of the UK legal system. There are many situations where people suffer extremely severe injuries as a result of another person’s, or company’s, negligence. In these situations the physical, emotional and financial impact of the accident can be very severe. The systems which allow people to make personal injury claims let those with genuine claims gain access to the resources they need to carry on with their lives as easily as possible – after all, if the accident wasn’t their fault, why shouldn’t they?

With all the negative media attention it is very easy to have a completely negative view of the personal injury claims process in the UK. However, it’s important to remember that the system was designed to help those with genuine compensation claims gain access to the legal support they need to get justice. In almost all cases, this is still the way the system operates.