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Whiplash Compensation Claims Adding £118 to the Average Car Insurance Premium

We all know that whiplash claims are gradually forcing motor insurance premiums to rise. However, a recent report by the UK’s largest insurer suggests that the average premium has risen by 80% since 2008 which equates to an average rise of £118!

Aviva also argue that this increase is simply due to the number and nature of car related personal injury claims, predominantly whiplash claims, that they are now seeing.

whiplash compensationUnderstandably, Aviva and other car insurance companies have been quick to place the blame on claims companies and personal injury solicitors. Though it may be appropriate to look at the way some claims companies cultivate the ‘compensation culture’ through aggressive advertising and false claims, this doesn’t mean that cutting out external legal assistance is the bet way forward.

Leaving Motorists Vulnerable

When Aviva released their figures they also suggested that claimants should be encouraged to deal directly with their insurers rather than seeking intermediary legal advice. They even suggested that taking this step would cost the average motorist over £60 per year. Unfortunately, this solution would leave many motorists vulnerable.

Miss out on the compensation people deserve

Insurance companies all have their own legal departments. By making it compulsory for a victim to contact the guilty party’s insurer they would be putting themselves at the mercy of experienced legal professionals who’s job it was to minimise the financial cost to their employer. This represents a dangerous conflict of interest which would simply mean that the profits of the insurance companies would rise and that the victims of traffic accidents would miss out on the whiplash compensation they are entitled to.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to the whiplash issue. Though it does seem that an utter shakeup of the system is needed, bypassing independent legal representation is certainly not the answer.